Katy Hopkins, of Yahara River Woodwinds, specializes in putting flutes, oboes, clarinets, and bassoons in the best playing condition possible while striving to meet each player’s specific needs. Repairs are done by appointment only. Since each woodwind instrument has unique repair issues, a general estimate for each service will be given over the phone but all instruments will need to be seen before a final quote is given. Payment is due when the instrument is picked up or before it is shipped back. In the event that a player requests unique pads that need to be specially ordered, payment for the pads and all necessary accompanying materials is due in full before work can begin.

COA (Clean, oil and adjust)

Instrument is disassembled; body and keys are cleaned; rods cleaned and oiled; pads, felt and cork checked; instrument is regulated, adjusted and play tested. Extra charges will be added if extensive cleaning is needed and requested.


Same procedure as a COA but includes all new pads, key cork and felt. Keys will be swedged  and springs replaced as needed. Depending on the needs of the player, more extensive cleaning of the body and keys can be done at an extra charge. The type of pad requested by the player will affect the overall cost since there are so many options available, especially for flute and clarinet.


Same procedure as a REPAD but body and keys will be buffed and springs replaced if desired. Older instruments needing extensive body repair and key rebuilding will be referred to another repair company that specializes in restoration.

Pinning and Tone Hole Inserts

Pinning and tone hole inserts will be done at the request of the customer.

Educational Outreach

Katy is available to give clinics on basic woodwind maintenance and repair to area junior, high school and college students. With her strong background and vast experience as a professional oboist, she is also available to work with oboe students in individual and group settings. Rates will be determined by time and distance traveled. Call for quote.

Katy Hopkins’ repair work is meticulous. She pays close attention to every detail. She is efficient and always completes the job in a timely manner. I have taken my instruments to her many times and I highly recommend her to my students. She is a repair professional of the highest calibre. 

Rena Feller
2nd/Eb Clarinet, Memphis Symphony Orchestra
Private Clarinet Instructor