Yahara River Woodwinds

  • 30 years experience
  • Straubinger Certified
  • Muramatsu Certified
  • Professional Oboist

What our customers say

"Katy brings all her talents as a fine oboist to her repair work. She is that rare technician who understands the subtleties of playing and will find the one last adjustment that makes an instrument open up and sing. Never in my 25 years as a professional oboist have I experienced this kind of finesse in repair and adjustment work."

Joseph Salvalaggio
Former Principal Oboe, Memphis Symphony
Creative Director, Babu Press

"Katy Hopkins has worked on my clarinets and those of my clarinet students many times over the years. Her work is first-rate—she does an excellent job getting everything in working order and making sure that the player is happy with all her repairs. She is also wonderful to work with: conscientious, friendly and always helpful. Katy is an excellent musician herself, so she knows what her clients need and expect. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking professional woodwind repair."

Dr. Michael Rowlett
Associate Professor of Clarinet
The University of Mississippi